How is TRIAD different than other weight loss systems?

Triad Weight Loss Clinic is rooted in the latest scientific evidence. This is about long term lifestyle modifications, establishing new behaviours and making a commitment to your health. We use a combination of medicine, sound nutrition and exercise 

Goal oriented - People who write down their goals tend to achieve them.  Our step-by-step process equals success.

Personalized – Personalized one-on-one coaching/nutrition sessions.

Educational, fun and interactive – We don't lecture we engage.  Our sessions empower members to make lifestyle changes.

Behaviour patterns – We establish change by goal setting.  We focus on errorless learning, setting members up for success rather than failure.

Why Triad Weight Loss Clinic works.

TRIAD works by ensuring you eat the right amount of food to reach your health goals, while emphasizing healthy blood sugar through a whole foods diet, resulting in fat loss and a healthy metabolism. We use a combination of medicine, sound nutrition and exercise.

We provide a customized program based on our 7 Golden Rules, 10 Ways to Loose, and our unique Vision Board used to plan food options, increase awareness and develop positive behaviours. The one on one coaching provides tools to last a lifetime. 


Do I have to exercise?

Absolutely. As important as diet is, you’ll lose muscle and bone if you don’t make regular work outs a part of your regime. You’re also very vulnerable to gaining all the weight back without exercise.

Aim to work out 3-6 times per week, alternating between cardio and resistance training. This can be a combination of walking/running, dancing, swimming, pilates, yoga and weight training. With added lean muscle you become a fat-burning machine.


Why does losing fat mean so much?

We all need some fat on our bodies, but even an extra 10-20 pounds can lead to significant health risks. With this extra load you are at risk for developing:

1.    Metabolic Syndrome

2.    Type 2 Diabetes

3.    Heart disease

4.    Cancer

5.    Osteoarthritis

6.    Osteoporosis

7.    Depression

8.    Liver disease

9.    Sleep Apnea


How do you measure results?

Results are measured by establishing short and long term goals, body fat percentage, body weight, and other biometric measurements.


What is the average weight loss one can achieve in a 6 month program?

Triad is a fat-loss program and each individual will vary in the amount of weight lost.  Weight loss is only one marker of health. Other factors considered are: waist-to-hip ratio, body fat percentage, increased energy levels, improved sleep, improved bio-medical markers of health and an increase in lean muscle mass.


Why does Triad use medical foods?

We’ve found that many of our patients find complete nutrition formulas can increase the effectiveness of the program, by enhancing weight loss, reducing the need for meal planning, it’s quick and easy, and is nutritionally balanced.

A medical food is provided to you for your first month on the program. We encourage our members to continue using the medical food until all health goals have been achieved. This is optional and products can be purchased outside the Triad clinic.


How long is each one-on-one coaching session?

Triad is a 6 month program, built from a 7 step system. You will receive 13 workshop style-coaching sessions and 3 personal email responses. Each session builds on the next and is tailored to your specific needs. Your first session is 1.5 hrs. You’ll meet with your nutritionist twice per month for 1, one hour and 1, half hour session.


What is Saxenda, the drug prescribed with our lifestyle program?

Saxenda is a new prescription drug that can only be prescribed by a physician. Medically speaking Saxenda is a GLP-1 analog. GLP-1 is a naturally occurring hormone in our body that plays a role in sugar regulation and appetite regulation. This naturally occurring hormone circulates in our bloodstream in low physiologic levels. Taking Saxenda essentially raises GLP-1 activity to pharmacologic levels. Saxenda slows stomach emptying and has a direct appetite suppressant effect on the appetite centre  in our brain. It's ability to suppress appetite can be very powerful. This medication is approved for weight loss by both Health Canada and the FDA in the U.S.


Can I do the Triad Weight Loss program without medication?

Medication is not for everyone. You can absolutely reach goals and get control of your health without medication.


What happens after the first 6 months?

At the end of these 6 months you will have established new life style behaviours, you will have formed a new relationship with food, and you will have learned that the small changes you have made have a tremendous effect on your health and the people around you.We intend to support you until your goals are reached. Patients who require a longer program can sign up for another 6 months and save 50%. 

Maintenance program

Supporting you is important to your success. We understand that weight management is a lifelong process and, for many people, requires ongoing support.  We continue to see patients even after they have reached their goals and begin to work on weight maintenance should they choose to remain in the program.


Who can benefit from Medical Weight Loss?

If you struggle with weight loss, have been unsuccessful in non-medical weight loss programs, or seek an alternative to weight loss surgery, medical weight loss will be of benefit to you.


Is the program covered by extended health care benefits?

The Triad Weight Loss Clinic is partially covered by OHIP. Medical services provided by the doctor are completely covered by OHIP. Dietary counselling provided by the Registered Holistic Nutritionist is not covered by OHIP.  A referral from your physician is NOT required for an appointment. Some extended health benefit plans may cover all or partial dietary counselling sessions. 


What is the cost?

For a limited time the cost of the program is $995.00. Thats a $300.00 savings

  • 13 one-on-one nutritional coaching sessions
  • Six weeks of meal plans
  • 3 personal email responses
  • Patient tailored program: recommendations specific to your needs
  • Educational binder:  a tool box for life
  • Worksheets, Food logs, Food swap list, Goal Setting
  • Tips, Grocery lists, Recipes
  • 1 Month supply of medical food
  • Member of our online support group
  • 50% discount on repeat of first 6 months 
  • 25% discount on maintenance programs
  • More than 50% off local Gym Membership (Exclusively for Our Clients)


Can I pay in instalments?

Yes. For your convenience we offer a payment plan through Medicard.  


Is there a return policy?

We provide full refunds for patients who cancel their FIRST appointment at least 48 hours in advance, who request a refund.

We provide 90% of the amount paid for patients cancelling their FIRST appointment within 24 hours, who request a refund. 

Once you complete your first appointment with the Nutritionist, you have committed to a 6 month program and no returns are given. 

*Refunds are not given if you are cancelling and rescheduling your appointment  time.

* No show appointments are charged a $15.00 no show fee.



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