With a vision, anything is possible.

Our step-by-step approach to health guides patients through a structured framework for long-term success. By creating a life-style vision, an action plan, and addressing underlying behaviour patterns you are supported.

Triad uses a proven, science based approach to health and wellness. It provides engaging interactive one on one coaching sessions, comprehensive nutritional education and behaviour modification strategies.

Triad is more than a weight loss and maintenance program. It deals with the fundamental problem that causes most weight loss and exercise programs to fail. Instead of focusing on weight loss alone, the Triad program helps you change your life to achieve good health and weight control that will last a lifetime.

Triad's comprehensive approach helps you reach your wellness goals. Its all about creating a process for sustainable change. You'll feel supported every step of the way

Long term weight loss demands a healthy solution. Healthy lifestyle changes will yield lasting results. You will lose your excess weight, and learn to keep it off. 


Healthy Nutrition

Long term weight loss demands a healthy solution. When it comes to achieving long-term weight loss, the only real solution is a healthy approach. Healthy lifestyle changes will gradually yield long lasting results. You will lose your excess weight, and learn to keep it off. 

Our nutritionist will work with you in one-on-one coaching sessions, educating on nutrition, assisting with meal planning, providing recipe tips and teaching you to adapt your dietary intake for successful weight loss and provide the necessary structure and accountability to manage your weight.

Eating patterns will be assessed to help design an appropriate treatment plan for you. Through meal planning, we will guide you through a number of tips that help you to achieve your goals.  


Physical activity is an important component of weight management. At the clinic our goal is to have patients find an activity that they enjoy, and to incorporate this activity into their routine on a regular basis as much as they are able to for lifelong success.

Physical activity whether in the form of structured exercise or more walking is not only beneficial for weight management, but can also improve circulation, reduce stress and build physical and mental stamina.  At the clinic we are able to provide simple ways by which to set exercise goals that are appropriate for each patient.

The aim is to reduce health risks, improve quality of life and have patients increase physical activity as much as they are able to while still enjoying life. For those wishing a more structured exercise program we have partnered with Sharky's gym to assist you with adopting a healthy fitness routine.


Effective Medication

The physician at the TRIAD clinic will help you determine a healthy weight goal. The goal will be individualized and may need to be done in steps. The doctor will need to assess your overall medical health to determine if medication is right for you and to rule out medical causes of obesity.

The doctor will take a complete medical history, including all medication use. The doctor will help to identify common co-morbidities associated with obesity but will not manage those co-morbid conditions but will refer you back to your regular doctor. It is not the intention of the doctor to replace your regular doctor but to complement his/her care.

Dr. Chilvers will limit his care to the management of weight loss only and will be responsible for prescribing weight loss medication only. Often, as your weight comes down, this will likely improve any co-morbid obesity related medical condition that you may have. 

The primary medications used at the Triad Weight Loss Clinic are Saxenda and Contrave. These are new medications specifically indicated and approved by Health Canada for assistance with weight loss. Dr.Chilvers considers both medications safe and effective for the right patient. All of Dr.Chilvers services are fully covered by OHIP.

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