Martyn Chilvers M.D. 

Dr.Martyn Chilvers is the Medical Director of the Triad Weight Loss Clinic and a highly respected medical practitioner who has helped patients lose weight for over 31 years.

Dr.Chilvers retired from general medical practice in 2015 and now restricts his practice to healthy weight loss medicine. A graduate from the University of Western Ontario Medical school in 1981,Dr.Chilvers has enjoyed caring for patients in Lambton county since that time.

He also served as director of the Sarnia Institute of Clinical Research from it’s founding until July, 2015 when he resigned this position.

Dr.Martyn Chilvers was the Principle Investigator for the ELIOT study (Effect of Liraglutide in Obesity Treatment) and has considerable experience in using liraglutide (the medication in Saxenda) which is the primary medication used at the TRIAD clinic.

Lisa Chilvers R.H.N.

Lisa Chilvers is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Natural Health Specialist, Rehabilitation Coach and Wellness Speaker.

Lisa brings to the TRIAD clinic a passion for health and nutrition that spans over 11 years of experience in nutritional counselling. Her warm and approachable style demystifies healthy eating and enables patients to develop insight and understanding about their health and the mind-body connection.

Through her own struggles with health, digestive disorders and weight management, she's developed a philosophy of “focusing on intuitive eating”, which has enhanced the health of hundreds of clients throughout Ontario.

Lisa's primary nutritional experience is focused on patients at risk or diagnosed with IBS, cardio-vascular disease, high blood pressure, insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes. She was the dietary support for the ELIOT study (Effect of Liraglutide in Obesity Treatment). We believe her involvement was responsible for our site having the patient with the largest weight loss in the entire Canadian study.

It’s empowering to know the body is not the enemy, it wants to improve and it wants to heal.

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