Step 1

The first step in transforming your health is to reach out to us by phone or email and book your first appointment. You can join TRIAD Weight Loss Clinic by purchasing the program HERE. Alternatively, we offer 15 min free consultation to learn about the program and see if its a fit for you.


Step 2

Complete a comprehensive intake questionnaire (click the blue link to open and download) at home and bring it with you to the office. Lisa Chilvers will work with you to determine your treatment goals and get you started on the TRIAD Nutrition Treatment Program. 


Step 3

Once signed up for the TRIAD Nutrition Treatment Program you will be offered an appointment to see the physician, Dr.Martyn Chilvers. The visit with the doctor is completely covered by OHIP. 

Visit 1. You will meet with the Registered Nutritionist who will outline the program and get you started on the Nutrition Treatment Program.You can expect to be with the Nutritionist for an hour and a half.

Visit 2. You will meet with the doctor. You will have a complete review of your medical history and current medication use. Baseline measurements will be obtained. If there are no contraindications to medication therapy the doctor will issue a prescription and explain in detail how to use the medication and answer any questions so you are comfortable in using the medication. The doctor will also order any diagnostic testing that he deems appropriate. You can expect to be with the doctor for 20 to 30 minutes depending on the complexity of your case. You will see the doctor every 4 months (16 weeks) for as long as you are on the medication. 

Visit 3. Individual sessions will be made with the Nutritionist for ongoing dietary education and support.

The TRIAD Weight Loss Clinic offers 6 month packages, but does not have an official end date. Weight loss maintenance is a lifelong process and many people need ongoing support to maintain their new weight should they chose to stay in the program.


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